3 Dec 2012

Beauty Favourites November

In November, I had a lot of beauty favourites. My face care consisted of only great products. And after having used up all those unloved Bodyshop body butters, I started to treat myself with a great body butter by Soap & Glory and there were also a lot of other great products I enjoyed using in November. Have a look for yourself: 

Below, I briefly discuss the products shown above.

I start with the face care products:
Currently I am using up my Weleda wild rose face creams (day & night) because their date of expiry was in September/October. But they are still good. ;-) I keep coming back to this wonderful face care series often. Especially in autumn/spring and warm winter it is just about perfect. It is a bit perfumed. My boyfriend sometimes complains about the scent, but I love it. And now that they are nearly gone, I know that I'll repurchase them. Just love them and you should see my skin at the moment. It looks so great thanks to these face creams.
Furthermore, I use the Louis Widmer eye cream. It is an eye cream agains wrinkles. I didn't know that because it is not written on the product (my mom gave it to me without the packaging). It is a bit greasy, so I use it only over night. As it is written on the web page of Louis Widmer, this is exactly how it should be used, i.e. in the evening. As night cream it is wonderful. Love it. In the morning the area around my eyes looks great. As day cream for the skin around the eyes, I use the Nonique Anti Aging eye cream which I already raved about in other posts.

As mentioned above, end of November I started to use the daily smooth body butter by Soap & Glory and I love the scent. It also is very nurturing without being greasy. Great body butter indeed.

My favourite complexion products of November were my cream blush by Yves Saint Laurent and the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl. While the Becca Shimmering Perfector is the most subtle and therefore the most elegant and the most natural looking shimmering product I ever came across, the cream blush by YSL is wonderfully blendable and a very natural and nice colour. Both products stay the whole day and help me to look very sophisticated and beautiful and they can also create a no make up make up look if desired. They are just lovely and wonderful products and I'm glad that I found them. 

As makeup for the eyes, I enjoyed using the MaxFactor 2000 Calories Mascara with the curved brush. It is a rather new mascara and I have to see whether I'll keep liking it after a couple of months but the first impression is very good. And I used the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in Espresso Ink with the I.T. slanted eyeliner brush by Sephora. I adore the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners. In my opion they are the best ones available on the market. And I also love the slanted eyeliner brush by Sephora. I just ordered a second one because I enjoy using to so much that I thought I'd need a second one. ;-)

For the lips, I currently am in love with the Clarins Eclat Minute Embellisseur levres in 2 (rose) and the Yves Saint Laurent glossy stain in number 5 (Rouge Vintage). The Clarins lip product is a gloss and kind of a lip care at once. It tastes wonderful and it nurtures the lips. There is no real colour on my lips aftrr applying it. The lips are just a bit glossy. Love this product! And the YSL glossy stain in Rouge Vintage is a wonderful product as well. It is a bit drying but it stays on my lips for 4 hours without fading. And the colour Rouge Vintage is a wonderful 40's shade. Very elegant red, not too bright red, but still red and rather the vintage style. It looks gorgeous on me as I am a summer and I'd recommend anyone who is a summer in the skin colour categories to try it, too. ;-)

On the nails, I enjoyed wearing Astor Quick'n'Go in 343. This is also kind of a vintage red and it looks great with the aforementioned YSL glossy stain in Vintage red. I still don't understand how I was considering to toss this wonderful nail polish in October (see it mentioned in my October empties post - I reconsidered tossing it in the last minute after trying it on and falling in love again instantly. See it here again on me).
I also enjoyed using the Artdeco nail repair treatment stick. This a very greasy product that does not sink in quickly but it's the perfect care for the skin around the nails and the nails. It nurtures everything it is applied on very strongly. It's my rescue kit when my nails and the skin around my nails are very dry (and I mean very, very dry - this happens often with my nails and the skin around my nails, unfortunately). 

And last but not least, I discovered a new love for scented candles and this one is overwhelmingly great. It smelles like a fireplace and I am absolutely in love with this one. 

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