29 Oct 2012

Beauty Empties October

This month I was able to get rid of 36 products. I went through my nail polish collection again (this is something I do quite often as you might have observed) and decluttered a lot of nail polishes again. However, don't worry, I still own a ton of them (around 30). Hence, I won't suffer of a lack of nail polishes after this huge decluttering action.

Here is a picture of all products that left me in october (my hair tint by Khadi is missing, sorry, I forgot to add it to the group picture - you can see it below though):

A short summary and my thoughts about the emptied or decluttered products:
  • Shower gels:
    • Balea Juicy Melon shower gel: I bought this shower gel in summer because I love melony scents. I liked it when I sniffed at it in the shop and at first I also liked it under shower but in the end I found it a bit intrusive because it was very strong. Hence, I am happy that I was able to empty and I won't repurchase it.
    • Fa Luxurious Moments Schwarzer Amethyst & Pinke Viola shower gel: I got this shower gel with my Pink Box September. I quit the subscription by the way because the products in September were terrible. This shower gel was terrible as well. The scent is aweful and it's just a cheap shower gel you can buy in the drug store anyway and I would never have bought it myself. This is why I used it up immediately after getting it in order to get rid of it as fast as possible. Of course, I won't repurchase it.
    • Alverde Lemon Love shower gel: This was a wonderful shower gel. It belonged to a mother's day limited edition together with a body lotion which I used up in July (see my July empties post - I also liked the body lotion). The shower gel was refreshing and had a sweet and lovely lime scent. Wonderful. I hope that this shower gel will be available again next year - preferrably together with the body lotion. 
  • Body lotions and body butter
    • Mini sample of the normal part of the Vanilla Duo Body Butter from The Body Shop: I liked the scent and I also liked the nurturing effect. I purchased the full size and am curious about how the part for dry skin will be. 
    • The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Polynesia Lotus & Frangipani Body Puree sample: At the beginning of using it, I liked the scent and also liked the nurturing effect. I even considered a repurchase. But in the end I didn't like the scent anymore and was happy that I emptied it. So no, I won't repurchase it. In the end the packaging annoyed me too because it was difficult to get the last bit of product out of the bottle and I wasn't able to empty it completely.
    • Weleda Granatapfel Regenerierende Bodylotion, 2 mini samples: These two mini samples were in magazines and they weren't enough for both legs. However, I know this bodylotion already as I emptied a maxi sample in June (see it in my empties post of June). I liked it then and also liked it now but won't repurchase it. 
    • The Body Shop Body Butter Duo Macadamia: At the biginning I liked it. I also thought that it was interesting that there were two parts: one for normal skin and one for dry skin. Emptying felt faster because emptying each part is a process of its own and each part consists of less product than the whole product box. The part for dry skin was very nurturing and buttery heavy. The other part was more creamy but still very nurturing. However, I had a problem with my skin (it was slightly inflamed) and it was not good to use this lotion in this area of my skin. It completely broke out and the skin even came off. So, this impression was not good and I don't want to use Body Shop body butters anymore. However, I already bought a couple of body butters that I will have to empty first. But after these, no more Body Shop body butters anymore for me.
    • The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter huge sample (50ml): This body butter was much more creamy than the Duo Macadamia. It reminded me of a mousse as it melted on the skin. It still was very nurturing. The scent is a bit strong and artificial and can be pretty annoying. So, I won't repurchase it. I anyway don't want to buy any Body Shop body butters anymore as discussed above with the Duo Macadamia body butter review.
    • Alterra moisturizing lotion Limette & Agave: I liked the lemony scent of this body lotion. I also liked it together with the lemon love shower gel discussed above. I think I will repurchase it some day - after having used up the ton of body lotions in my bathroom. It is a summer product and hence, I wouldn't use it at moment anyway.
    • Womanity Body lotion by Thierry Mugler (100ml Sample): This body lotion was terrible. I hate that scent and it was terrible to stink like this for days. But I had to use it up. The lotion was very liquidy but this is why I was able to apply it easily. The nurturing effect was actually very good as well. But as the scent was terrible and I anyway don't like perfumed body lotions, I of course won't repurchase it. Unfortunately, the scent was also a kind of scent that stayed on the skin all day long. So, if you like that scent, you would be very happy with the body lotion. 
  • hair products
    • Khadi hair tint in Natural Hazel: A wonderful product. I love it. It's my favourite hair tint and I repurchase it regularly.
    • Balea moisturizing shampoo Mango + Aloe Vera (50ml sample): I liked the scent and I also liked the product. I might repurchase it some day. 
    • Sante Brilliant Care Haarspülung: Wonderful and very great hair conditioner. This conditioner makes the hair very soft and shiny. This one is an old bottle, they have redesigned the bottle last year. I already repurchased it of course as I really love it.
  • face and eye care products
    • Belmar face cream for every skin (2 mini samples): I didn't like this face cream. The scent was aweful and I also found it not nurturing enough. Definitely no repurchase!
    • Beautycycle earth restoring balance day lotion sample: This is a face cream for oily skin and I don't have oily skin. Hence, it was not nurturing enough. However, the scent is wonderful. It reminds of a fresh sea breeze. Love it. Too bad that the lotion was not appropriate for my skin type. So, no, again no repurchase. 
    • Beautycycle water hydrate replenish day cream sample: The scent was okayish and the nurturing effect was not enough. No repurchase. 
    • Beautycycle air age repair day creme sample: Again, the scent was okayish and the nurturing effect not enough. Again no repurchase. 
    • Beautycycle fire age repair eye creme Probe: Normal eye cream. Not good and not bad. The sample was too tiny to really judge it anyway. The scent was ok but the eye cream did not impress me. No repurchase. 
    • Clarins Gel Contour des Yeux sample (Sachet): This eye gel is blue and disappears quickly after application on the skin. The skin around the eyes also looks really good and groomed. The perfect base for an eye makeup because there doesn't remain any oil or other residue on the skin. Maybe it is something for the summer. I have to see. I am afraid that it is not nurturing enough in winter. The sample was too tiny to really judge the nurturing effect. I might repurchase it next summer though. 
    • Clarins HydraQuench Cream normal to dry skin (Crème Désaltérante), SPF 15: This was a huge amount of product (50ml) and due to the SPF, I used it only in the morning. It took me ages to empty it. Now I am really happy that it's gone and I can try other face creams again. ;-) I like this face cream a lot during the summer and will repurchase it. I already had it last summer, so I can call it a regular repurchase already. I love the scent of Clarins products. They are always fresh, creamy and rather subtle. 
    • L'Oréal Revital Lift Eyecream: This eye cream came with my Pink Box August. I used it immediately because I wanted to get rid of it immediately. It wasn't appealing. Nevertheless, using it up was kind of nice. The eye cream is not bad. It's nurturing, light and the skin under the eyes looked good and groomed with it. But I won't repurchase it. Although it is not bad and using it was kind of fun, I have tried better eye creams.
  • face cleaning products
    • Alverde moist cleansing wipes Wildrose: This was the last package and I won't repurchase it. I wrote a short review in July already (see it here). I was not content with these cleansing wipes because they are a bit drying. Hence, no repurchase anymore!
  • hand and foot care products
    • Weleda Citrus Hand- und Nail cream: Very greasy but nurturing hand cream. As it is so greasy I used it only over night. But for this it was a great cream. The scent was lovely lemony as well. Maybe it is rather a summer night hand cream and not so much a winter night hand cream because it might be not enough nurturing for very dry winter skin. I might repurchase it in summer though.
  • antiperspirants
    • Fa Luxurious Moments Deodorant: The scent is so aweful. I had to declutter it as I wasn't able to use it up. The shower gel was terrible too but I can use up terrible shower gels. But not terrible antiperspirants. So, I tossed it and of course, I won't repurchase it ever. 
  • Makeup
    • Logona Make up Natural Finish in No 02 (light beige), Sample: This was a tiny sample. I actually liked that make up at first. It is rather light and subtle. However, the finish is not flawless. Somehow it is visible. Furthermore the scent was a bit disturbing and it stays quite long. The makeup itself does not stay very long on the skin either. It is organic, however, and this is great. But no, unfortunately, I was not really impressed and hence, no repurchase. 
    • Butter London Pearly Queen: I don't like this nail polish. I own it for a long time now and have never worn it. Hence, I gave it away. 
    • Butter London Hen Party: The base colour is too yellow and beige for me unfortunately. I love the blue shimmer, but together with the yellow base, it does not look good on me. Gave it away. 
    • Butter London Nail Foundation: The same problem like with Hen Party by Butter London. This is a very beige base polish that does not suit my skin undertone. Gave it away.
    • Catherine nail polish in 504: I got this nail polish with my Pink Box July and I didn't like it from the start. I even wanted to declutter it in July already (see my empties July post) but wanted to keep it in the end. Now, I finally decided to declutter it because I have many much nicer nail polishes. So, I gave it away. 
    • Essie Chinchilly: This is an old bottle with the thin brush. The decision to get rid of this nail polish was not easy. Somehow the colour was too dark for me and when I recently bought Miss Fancy Pants by Essie which is a tiny bit lighter, I decided to get rid of this one. 
    • Pritti NYC in Chelsea Star: This is violet nail polish which I won't wear. I don't like it and own much nicer lilac polishes. So I decided to get rid of it and gave it away.
    • Astor Quick'n' Go in 343: Again a difficult decising. I think it is a grandmother red and very boring and I own it for a long time now and have never really worn it. I wore it the last couple of days and it is wonderful. It is not boring at all. Have a look at it on me. I love it and will keep it. I don't understand why I haven't worn until now.   
    • Essence Colour & Go in Gold Rush: Don't like it and don't wear it. Gave it away.
    • Essence Colour & Go Off to miami!: Too orangey and does not suit my skin undertone.
    • Essence Colour & Go fame fatal!: Don't like it. Too red and a rather dark and classic red without an edge. So, I won't wear it anyway. 
    • Essence Colour & Go grey-t to be here: a nice colour actually, but too much glitter and I have many much nicer polishes. Gave it away. 
    • Essence Colour & Go sweet as candy: Nice colour, but I don't like the new essence polishes. They chip on me within hours and I recently bought a nice baby pink by OPI and this is why I want to get rid of it. I wouldn't wear it anyway. 

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