19 Jun 2013

Beauty Empties March and April

A bit belated again but finally here it is: my beauty empties post for March and April. As I moved to the UK in March, I was very busy with becoming acquainted with my new work and finding a nice place to live and, hence, did not have much time to use (up) cosmetics products. Furthermore, I moved with a light luggage that did not allow me to bring too many beauty items with me. The only items I brought with me were an eye cream, a face cream, very few body care items (I think these were just the Alverde shower gel and body lotion shown below and they were even just both half full) and a couple of make up essentials. My skin certainly missed the extra care it got during the last months and dried out. So, I was really glad when I finally had a permanent location and a flat for myself in April and started to use more skin care again. So, have a look at what I emptied in March and April below. 

A side note: I've been in Germany in April as well and decluttered a lot of beauty items. Unfortunately, I didn't count them and also didn't take pictures because I was in a rush but I feel very releaved and it actually was nothing worth mentioning. It were products of cheap german drug store brands that didn't convince me anyway and as I am currently trying to shrink the amount of my makeup possessions to the gems I really use and adore, it was a necessary step towards a tiny beauty collection the goldilocks way. ;-)

This is an overview of everything I used up in March and April (note, however, that the Burt's Bees bodylotion was not useable as I got a really strong allergy against some of its ingredients):

A short summary and my thoughts about the emptied or decluttered products:
  • Shower gels
    • Dove go fresh nutrium moisture in the scent pomegranate & lemon verbena: this was an emergency buy in the UK when I ran out of shower gel. The scent was nice, it was also a nice shower gel but it was not my favourite. I might repurchase it in another emergency or when I am not in the mood to spend much money on a shower gel. I.e. it was ok, but nothing more.
    • Alverde pistacio shower gel: This one is one of my favourite shower gels. It scents divine like pistacio ice cream but not too strong. Just the right amount of delicious scent. It also is very soft to the skin and it just a shower gel dream come true. It was a limited edition in the Christmas time of the 2010 and 2011 and I purchased a tiny stock at that time. Unfortunately, in the Christmas time of 2012, it was not available again and this was my last item of this series. But I can tell you that I enjoyed using it up enormously and really hope that Alverde will sell it again some day. Alverde, if you read this: please do sell it again - maybe even regularly and not as a limited edition!! 
  • Bodylotions
    • L'Occitane Ultra rich cream body, sample: very rich cream indeed. Didn't like it that much though. I don't remember why didn't convince. Maybe it was the scent. It was very nourishing though and as my skin was very dry, I liked that a lot. Maybe a bit too expensive for a repurchase but I might repurchase it some day. However, I'd first try the scent again as I think that I didn't like is very much.
    • Alverde pistacio body lotion: This was sold together with the shower gel mentioned above and I have to say that this body lotion also is one of my favourite body lotions ever. It is liquidy but not too liquidy, light but still soothing and nourishing and it also smelss divine. Alverde, please, please, please do sell this pistacio shower gel and bodylotion set again!! :-((
    • Burt's Bees Replenishing Body Lotion (Cocoa and Cupacao Butter): This body lotions smells divine, too. Really loved the scent. Unfortunately, I got a strong allergy when I was using it and, hence, I needed to stop. It was half full and my skin looked aweful. So, I threw it away and definitely no repurchase. Here is the ingredients list (I don't know which ingredient caused the allergy for me but I keep the list to check some day).

  • Face care
    • Clarins Hydraquench rich cream for very dry skin or cold climates: A nice cream that I used up in April and I was lucky to have it with me in March as March was a very cold month here in the UK. Unfortunately, it dries on the skin and when I apply cream blush the residue rolls off. So, rather no repurchase - except I am desperate in Winter. However, then I'd probably rather buy the Caudalie cream I used up in February
    • Eisenberg Anti Aging Cream for men: not nourishing enough, so I threw it away. Do men really don't need that much moisture for their skin? 
  • Makeup
    • Zoeva Eye Primer: A nice eye primer that I own for 2 years now. It dried out and, hence, I got rid of it. But I used up a lot of it. And I can recommend it. It's cheap and good. Now I use the Urban Decay Primer Potion which is great, too, but more expensive. As it comes in a tube, it might not dry out that easily, however. 

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