10 Jan 2013

Beauty Empties December

In December, 40 products left me. I decluttered 18 of these 40 products, the other 22 have indeed been used up. Have a look at the group picture (only the decluttered eye shadows are missing, but you can see them below - I gave them away already in the middle of December and hence, they were already gone when I took the group picture):

A short summary and my thoughts about the emptied or decluttered products:
  • Shower gels
    • Loodus Cosmetics Spruce Shower Gel, tiny sample: smells very strong like fir. I didn't like it. The scent was too strong and the sample was too tiny to be able to judge the product - I was only able to use it for 1 leg. ;-) Hence, I won't purchase this product. 
    • Loodus Cosmetics Lemongrass Shower Gel, tiny sample: smells very strong like lemon grass. Not bad, I might purchase this one. It is not cheap but also not too expensive (10 CHF). However, again the sample was too tiny to be able to judge the product - I was only able to use it for 1 leg. ;-) Hence, I won't purchase this product that soon - maybe some day but rather not in the next months.
    • Loodus Cosmetics Cinnamon Ornage Shower Gel: smells very strong like cinnamon and oranges. Not bad, probably the best scent of all Loodus Cosmetics shower gels I tried in December. I think I will purchase some day - it is a swiss product and difficult to get, otherwise I probably would have ordered it already. ;-) Again the sample was too tiny to be able to judge the product - I was only able to use it for 1 leg. 
    • Anne Semonin All over Shampoo Verveine Exotique: I don't know where this one came from. I stumbled upon it in my bathroom - it must have come together with my other Anne Semoning products when I stayed with Radisson blue. The scent was a wonderful sweet and juicy lemon scent. I fell in love with it again and enjoyed it a lot to use it up. It dried the hair a bit, but you don't need to use it for the hair - it is an all over shampoo and in the end i used it only for showering. Now, I guess all Anne Semonin products are gone.
    • Sephora Cotton Flower Cream Body Wash: Nothing special. Didn't like the scent although it was kind of okay for a shower gel. Don't think that I'll repurchase it though as it is hard to get and not really special or great.
    • Nonique Feuchtigkeitsduschpflege/Nonique moisturizing shower gel: Didn't smell great: a bit like citrus cleaner. But I liked using it up nevertheless because it is organic and very gentle to the skin. I might repurchase it but the scent does not really motivate me to buy it again that soon.  ;-)
  • Body Lotions and Body Butters
    • Salvatore Ferragamo scented body lotion Signorina, 30ml sample: I like the scent of the body lotion (in the perfume it is too strong but in the lotion it is about right) But in general, perfumed body lotions are nothing I like to buy, so no repurchase here. However, I enjoyed using it - it was a nice but short affair that won't be repeated. ;-)
    • Lush Therapy Massagebar: Love it. It is something like a solid body lotion that melts with the warmth of the body and the melting oily residue can be spread over the skin while massaging the skin slowly with the bar. The scent is pretty intense and smells a bit organic but I like it nevertheless. The application takes a lot of time because the bar does not melt if massaged to quickly. It is a great treat for the weekend when I want to take enough time for a slow application. The scent is relaxing with lavender and neroli and at the same time it also is refreshing and uplifting. Many ingredients are organic or fairtrade. So it is a great product and I will definitely repurchase it! 
    • Kalahari Body & Hand Lotion, Sample: This lotion was in one of my Pink Boxes. I like the scent, it reminds of the scent of a freshly cut tree twig. But one with a lot of green. A bit woody but not very much. Love this scent! Unfortunately, the lotion can not be applied properly, it does not blend and smears a bit. But it is soothing. It is also very expensive and I won't repurchase it just because of the scent.
    • Nonique moisturizing body lotion: Smells like the shower gel mentioned above. It is from the same series. It smells like a citrus cleaner. But is is very soothing, non greasy, sinks quickly into the skin and the skin care properties are amazing. It also is an organic body lotion. Hence, I might repurchase it although the scent wasn't good.
    • Soap & Glory The Daily Smooth Body Butter: It was a nice romance during November and December but I don't think that I will repeat it. It has great skin care properties but I don't like some of the ingredients. The scent was nice in the beginning but in the end I din't like it that much anymore. So, no repurchase here. 
  • hair products
    • 2 small 10ml samples of L'Oreal Elvital Nurtigloss Crystal Shampoo: I tried this shampoo already in September. It is a good and solid shampoo that I don't intend to repurchase. The glitter annoyed me - not because it was somehow visible in the hair, just because I don't understand why something like this has to be added to shampoo. In principle the product was good, didn't dry the hair and I didn't need a conditioner afterwards. It was shiny and the comb went easily through the hair afterwards as well.
    • C:Ehko Style Jewel Hair Spray: Decluttered as I don't like to use hair sprays. My mom loves to use them, so I gave it to her.
    • Sante hair dye in Terra: I just see that I forgot to take a picture. Too bad. I used only half of it. It didn't dye my hair properly. Will never ever purchase Sante hair dye again. The hair dye by khadi is much better.
    • Balea Volume Shampoo Kirsche + Jasmin, sample: Dries the hair. No repurchase.
  • Face care and eye care and lip care products
    • Weleda Wild rose day cream: Wonderful face cream- Love it in summer and warm autumn/winter even as night cream. When it is very cold, it is not rich enough. My skin loves it, I love it. Hence, of course I'll repurchase it. 
    • Weleda Wild rose night cream: Very nurturing night cream. In the summer too rich, in the winter wonderful. When it is very cold, I like to even use it as day cream. Love it. A sure repurchase!
    • Alterra Anti Age Nachtcreme Orchidee: This one stinks aweful - I don't know whether I had a bad version or one that has gone bad recently. But this product was aweful. The smell was terrible, it smeared when applied. I didn't like it and ended up using it as body lotion because I wasn't able to use it on the face anymore. Surely no repurchase!
  • face cleaning products
    • Balea Pflegende Lotion Pads: These are soothing lotion pads for removing makeup. They were nice but for me they didn't clean very good. They also were a bit oily but that's ok for me. I might repruchase them some day but I'm sure that there are better products on the market and I want to experiment more in this area at the moment. 
    • Mádara ecoface deep clarifying toner for oily to combination skin, sample: Not the proper product for my skin type (my skin is dry and not oily). But I wanted to get rid of it and tried it nevertheless - even although it is winter at the moment and my skin very dry and absolutely neither oily nor combination. It suprised me because it was not so drying like other toners I tried. The scent was aweful, however, and it still was drying so I was glad when it was gone.
    • Mádara ecoface deep comfort toner for dry to very dry skin, 2 samples : Interesting product, because it does not dry my skin. But the scent was aweful and therefore I won't repurchase it.  
  • perfumes
    • James Bond 007, sample: Not good. My boyfriend didn't like it either. So, I just threwit away.
    • YSL Cinema: Great perfume. It reminds me of a great time in Ireland because it there where I bought it. Will definitely repurchase it some day. But not at the moment as now I have more than enough perfumes to use.
  • Makeup
    • eye shadows:
      • Logona mono eye shadow in 03 satin light: this is a silvery eye shadow that just does not look good on me. It might be the case that it is a great eye shadow. Mine unfortunately broke and I had to press it again - this is why it is not in it's original packaging and also not in it's original pan. As it is now, I don't like it and have never used it. So, good bye. I'm better off without you.
      • Kosmetik Kosmo eye shadow in Creme: This is a too bright yellow silvery eye shadow. Very much like virgin of Urban Decay just with a worse quality and not that subtle velvety glow. It's very similar though. As I don't wear such kinds of eye shadows that often, I decided to let go of this one as Urban Decay Virgin is much better and I don't need many of these shades.
      • Kosmetik Kosmo eye shadow in Toffee: This is a shimmery warm brown tone. For me, it is too orangey. I don't like it and don't want to keep it as I never use it anyway.
      • Kosmetik Kosmo eye shadow in edelkakao: This sis a darker warm golden brown that I don't like either.
      • Ponyhütchen mineral eye shadow sample in ON TAUPE: not really a taupe colour. Very pink and redish colour and not so much brown and grey in it. Nice colour in principle and very pigmented eye shadow and it also fits nicely to MISS SOAPY but I don't like mineral eye shadows because I cannot apply them properly.
      • Ponyhütchen mineral eye shadow sample in MISS SOAPY: Nice colour, very pigmented eye shadow. But I think it is too red and I wouldn't wear it anyway. Hence, I decided to give it away to someone who would appreciate it more
      • Ponyhütchen mineral eye shadow sample in KITTEN: Shimmery grey colour, very pigmented eye shadow. Really nice product but I cannot apply mineral eye shadows properly unfortunately and I always end up with too much of it on my eyes. Hence, I decided to give it away to someone who would be able to use it and would also appreciate it more
    • Blushes:
      • Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Pale Pink: I don't know, maybe the product was a bit old and dried a bit in its pan. However, it was not easily blendable. I own much better blushes (and some of them are even much cheaper and drug store brands and even much older than this product!!) The colour is great but the quality obviously is not good. This is why I decluttered it and I doubt that I will purchase this product in this or any other colour ever again.
      • Zoeva Mineral Sheer Blush in Peach Bouquet: Nice Blush, maybe a bit too peachy for my skin tone but still nice and pretty wearable. But I don't like mineral blushes and find them difficult to apply and blend. I used it very seldomly and when I used it, I did it only to experiment. I just don't find myself reaching for this blush in general. Hence, I decided to get rid of it. I won't miss it anyway.
      • Zoeva Mineral Sheer Blush in Afternoon Delights: Again a nice blush, nice colour. But again, I don't like mineral blushes and find them difficult to apply and blend. I used it very seldomly and when I used it, I did it only to experiment. I just don't find myself reaching for this blush in general. Hence, I decided to get rid of it. I won't miss it anyway. 
      • MaxFactor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Cardinal: Again a nice blush, nice colour. But I didn't like the blendability and therefore almost never used it. I don't need blushes with bad quality that I never use. So, I decided to declutter this product, too. 
    • other eye products:
      • Catrice Welcome to Las Vegas lashes: these lashes were hyped a lot in the german blogosphere. They were contained in a Catrice limited edition and I had to buy them myself, too. However, I don't like to use fake lashes. I prefer natural looks for lashes - even some mascaras create a too strong lash look for my personal taste. This is why I decluttered this product and I won't buy false lashes again.
      • Zoeva Graphic eyes khol liner in Lucky Penny: rusty orangy copper that does not suit me. Decluttered.
      • MaxFactor Eye brightening Mascara Tonal black voluminising mascara for brown eyes in (black pearl): This is one of the mascaras that create a look on the lashes that is too artificial for my taste. This is why I decluttered this one as well.
    • lip products:
      • The Balm BalmShelter SPF 17 tinted gloss in Dream Girl: very nice and natural colour. Exactly my natural lip colour with a bit of shine. the taste is wonderful as well, like melons. Love it. I had a hard time with the decision to declutter it. However, it is already a couple of years old and I almost never used it. I usually prefer lip balms when I want to have shiny lips because I tend to have dry lips. This product dries my lips and this is why I never wore it. Hence, I decluttered it.
      • Essence lip stick in 53 all about cupcake: I like this colour a lot. It is kind of a muted watermelon. Unfortunately, I find Essence lips sticks quite drying and hence never wear them. So, it does not make any sense to keep this lipstick even if it's colour is great.
    • Complexion:
      • Clinique Repairwear LaserFocus sample: I didn't experiment with this product often because the colour was too dark for my skin. But I tried it a tiny bit and the first impression was good. So I might have a second look at it some day.

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