16 Dec 2012

A closer look to my MAC order (& comparison of palettes)

Here are a couple of details on my MAC order of last week (I posted a summary of all hauls recently here). Besides showing my new MAC items, I'd like to show you the differences between the old 15 palette and the new 15 palette as the new one is available in Germany only since November (and in the US it was released in August or September). Hence, it is new and I have not found any comparison yet. 

In this post, you can see my MAC order in the right bottom of the picture. There, the palette is still in its packaging. Have a look here at my order completely unpacked (actually even more than unpacked as I already filled the palette with my bright base eye shadows :-)):

Before having a look at the palette, I want to show you the two new eye shadows I pruchased from MAC. It's Copperplate and Charcoal Brown. I like them both and am happy that I bought them. They are basics allowing to do a natural base eye makeup - i.e. my favourite kind of eye makeup - and I am also quite content with the quality. 

And here is the new palette compared to the old one:

So, you can see that it is much more sturdy than the slim and elegant old palette. I use both but have to admit that I really love the new palette. While I completely refused to use the new palettes for 4 eye shadows, MAC has taken me by surprise with the new palette for 15 eye shadows. I love that it can be used easily as a freestyle palette (but also dividers for 15 eye shadows can be bought). I also love the see-through lid that allows to see immediately what is in the palette without having to open it. In addition the lid can be opend to 180 degrees and also the magnet is very strong and does not have to be glued into the palette as with the old palettes. 

The new palette might be a bit sturdy and thick but it looks very elegant and I enjoy using it very much. I definitely will purchase more of them but only in a couple of months next year in the UK as here in Germany they are very expensive, unfortunately. Much more expensive than in the UK. So, if you happen to travel to the UK soon (and live in Germany), you should consider buying these palettes (and other MAC items) in the UK rather than in Germany.

Here is how my MAC palettes look in my makeup organization. Not sure whether 3 new MAC palettes piled up upon each other would fit there, too, like the old ones do:

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  1. I really like the look of the new palette! I have an old palette and might need to upgrade it!