1 Nov 2012

Beauty Favourites October

In October I had a lot of fun with a couple of products and I'd like to share that with you. (I know, I should be working on my thesis and will do so immediately again. ;-)). 

I loved these cleaning and caring products in October:
These are in more detail:
  • Bl├╝tezeit organic almond showergel: It smells like camomile and I love this scent. It's relaxing and soothing and I enjoyed it very much to start it as I haven't used it up yet.  Besides this shower gel, I also loved the Alverde Lemon Love shower gel which I emptied and therefore discussed it already in my October empties post.
  • Apothekers Lippenbalsam: This is a new discovery. I bought it because it was mentioned by Paddy from Innen und Aussen as her favourite soothing lip balm for the night. It is a pharmacy product and it is really great. I am using it now each evening and my lips look great in the morning. I also like the taste and the scent of this product. It is on its way to becoming a holy grail product for me too.
  • Lush Therapy massage bar: I love it. It smells great and nurtures the skin. It has to melt when put on the skin and therefore you need a lot of time for applying it by slowly massaging it onto the skin. But actually, this also contributes to the joy of using this product. I.e. being forced to do it slowly can be fun, too. But I admit that I prefer to use it on the weekend because only then I have the time. ;-)
  • Alverde Apricot nail and cuticle balm: Smells lovely like apricots and nurtures the nails and the cuticles. This one is also on its way to becoming a holy grail product. However, I think that Alverde stopped selling this product. I have to check but last time I had a look at Alverde products at the DM, it was not available. So terrible. I can't understand how this could have happened. I hope that I am wrong and the product is still available. 

Concerning makeup products, I enjoyed using these products in October (sorry, the soap is not a makeup product of course. I don't know how it got into the picture below - it is a favorite though and maybe I added it to this picture because I also like to clean my brushes with it ;-)): 

See below a discussion of these products.

I am trying to use up perfumes and rediscovered Cinema by YSL. It is such a lovely perfume and I am enjoying using it up a lot - I might even repurchase it, but not before I haven't used up a couple of other perfume bottles that are waiting to be used up by me.

As foundation I used the beauty balm by MAC and love it very much. This is also a rediscovery as I bought it one year ago and haven't used it often before. But this October I fell in love with it.

My most used blushes in October were these here: Afternoon Delight and Peach Bouquet by Zoeva applied with the Nars Yachiyo brush. And Naked Rose by Illamasqua applied with the MAC 168 brush. I also used a very old cream blush by s-he which I bought many years ago in Austria. I apply this one always with fingers.

The Illamasqua blush in Naked Rose from the Naked Strangers limited edition is a rediscovery since I discovered that the MAC 168 brush produces the most beautiful application of this blush. I also depotted it because I found its packaging too sturdy. Have a look at how sturdy its packaging was before here and see how it looks now:
It is really strange but I just don't like to use products in sturdy packaging. This is why I have to depot nearly everything and sort it with similar colours and get an overview before I can have fun with it.

On my eyes I especially liked to use these two eye shadows in October. I combined them and used they dusty rosy as a base and the darker lilac-ish shade in the crease and the outer v and they look amazing together. I applied them with the Zoeva shader and the MAC 217 brush:

Here is a closer look to the eye shadows:

My favourite lip stick in October was Nars Dolce Vita which is a my lips but better shade for me because it makes them slightly darker. It's a great everyday shade and I love it a lot.

I also want to mention my new soap which is one of the greatest soaps I ever had. It's the Nonique Paradise Punch soap which I bought in August. It has a lot of olive oil included and this is why it is not drying at all. After washing my hands, the skin feels clean and not dried - maybe even a bit moisturized. The feeling is really impressive. And the best of all is that my brushes that are made of natural hair love it, too. I never had a better brush cleanser ever. It prevents the natural hair of drying and my brushes look their best at the moment.

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