1 Jun 2012

Beauty Empties in May

May was just crazy! I was able to get rid of 21 products!! Wow, imagine: I now own 21 beauty products less! Isn't that great? :-D I am pretty proud of myself. I started the endeavour to use up my huge amount of beauty stuff last year in August. Before that I just constantly bought new stuff and never used it. I just found it too labourious to pamper myself on a daily basis and apply cream and all kinds of products all the time. But I found it appealing and I knew that I should do it because my skin is very dehydrated and dry and needs a lot of moisture. At the beginning it was not easy to start using all the products I had accumulated over the years. A lot of them had gone bad and so, luckily, I was able to throw a lot away at first. But some of it was still usable and I started to somehow adjust to applying cream each day. The first effects of using skin care on my dry skin were pretty amazing though. This motivated me even more to use up my beauty stuff and this is why I just kept using that stuff and even bought more of it. Since then, I was able to increase the amount of products I used up each month until now I even hit a peak I never thought would be possible.

However, to be honest: I don't think I will be able to keep up that pace of using up products I was able to manage in May. 21 products ... that's really a lot and I am pretty sure that this is an extraordinary exception! I was constantly creaming every part of my body at least once a day in May ... Imagine: I used 830 ml of body oil & body lotion last month!!! Even I myself find it hard to believe - although I witnessed that I did! :-D

Here are the products I used up in May:

Since I started this blog in the middle of May, the products I have used up in the beginning of May unfortunately have been thrown away before I was able to take pictures. These products were:
  • Balea Dark Glamour Shower Gel
  • Alverde kleine Elfe Shower Gel & Shampoo (for kids)
  • Alverde Amaranth Creme-Öl Shower Gel
  • Alverde Fusspeeling Pinie & Lavasand (Foot peeling)
  • Weleda Wildrose Eye Cream 
A short summary and my thoughts about the products, I emptied in May:
  • Shower Gel & Shampoo
    • Balea Dark Glamour Shower Gel: this was a limited edition by Balea. I didn't like the smell and won't buy it again.
    • Alverde kleine Elfe Shower Gel & Shampoo (for kids): this is a nice product, especially for travelling. I used mine especially for showering after swimming in the local public pool. I might buy it again. Not sure yet.
    • Alverde Amaranth Creme-Öl Shower Gel: This was a limited edition by Alverde. The smell was not so nice at the beginning, but I got used to it. And it was very moisturizing which I liked a lot. I will probably buy it again if it will available again. 
    • Alterra Papaya & grüner Tee Shower Gel: This was a limited edition by Alterra. It was sold in a box with a body lotion (which I happened to also use up this month, see below) and a hand cream. Nothing special. Nice product, the smell was ok. It was not moisturzing. Don't know whether I would buy it again.
    • Primavera Lebensbaum Shower Gel: I didn't like the smell. Won't buy it again.
  • Body Oils and Body Lotions
    • Weleda Granatapfel Regenerations-Öl: Nice product, very moisturizing, but I didn't like the smell. Won't buy it again.
    • Weleda Birken Cellulite-Öl: Nice product, very moisturizing and nice smell. I might buy it again. Unfortunately, I don't like body oils that much. But this one was really nice.
    • Weleda Sanddorn Pflegeöl: Nice product, very moisturizing and really nice smell like fruits and oranges. I really love the smell and I might buy it again. Unfortunately, I don't like body oils that much. But this one was the best one of all body oils I tried. 
    • Weleda Citrus Erfrischungsöl: Really nice body oil. It smells fresh and the scent is very light. It moisturizes the skin but not as much as the other body oils by Weleda, I used up last month as well. Nevertheless, for summer, this oil is really great!
    • Weleda Wildrose verwöhnende Pflegelotion (30ml Sample): Nice body lotion. Didn't like the smell though. Nevertheless, I might buy it again since it was pretty moisturizing and I liked how it felt on the skin. 
    • Alterra Körperlotion Papaya & grüner Tee: Very moisturzing body lotion with a nice smell. I didn't like the packaging, it was really difficult to get access to all the product. I had to cut the packaging in two pieces as you see on the picture. I don't know whether I will buy it again because of the packaging.
    • Balea Himbeer Bodymousse: I didn't like the smell and also found it a little bit drying. Don't think I'll buy it again. But who knows, I already repurchased it one time. Sometimes I am a little bit inconsistent concerning body lotions. :-D
  • Face and Eye Creams & Make up remover
    • Cadeavera pflegende Reinigungstücher (Make up removing wipes): I love them. Will repurchase!
    • Cadeavera ölhaltige Augen Make-up Entferner Pads (eye make up remover pads): I like them and will probably repurchase them. 
    • Weleda Wildrose eye cream: great eye cream. Love it and although I constantly try other eye creams, I also always come back to it. However in Winter it's not moisturzing enough over night. But it's a perfect eyecream for the day, also under make up.
    • Lavera Wildrosen Feuchtigkeitscreme: great day cream. Might buy it again
    • Weleda Wildrosen Nachtcreme: great night cream. Love it, used a lot of those up. Nevertheless, the scent is a little bit intrusive and this is why I keep trying other creams and don't stay with this one although it's moisturzing effect has a lot of holy grail potential.
  • Foot products
    • Alverde Fussbutter Pinie & Shoreabutter (50ml Sample): nice foot butter, nice smell, moisturzing, however I didn't like how the butter felt on my skin. I think I prefer more liquid foot creams. I don't think I will repurchase it again.
    • Balea wärmende Fußcreme: nice smell, feels nice, moisturizes. But my very last application of this foot cream made my skin break out and hence, I won't repurchase this cream again! I am even wondering if the warming effect has always been some kind of skin breakout.
    • Alverde Fusspeeling Pinie & Lavasand (Foot peeling): I won't repurchase it. I actually don't need such kinds of peeling products since I have a peeling glove I really like.
  • Make up:
    • Alterra Lash Definition Mascara: this mascara burned a bit in my eyes. Won't repurchase. I also didn't use it up. But it was definitely older than 6 months and this video about makeup expiration dates has convinced me to be a little bit more careful with mascaras.

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