11 May 2012

My make up collection

Recently, I have photgraphed my collection of make up items. It's pretty huge for someone who tries to live simple and minimalistically. However, it's still manageable and I cannot imagine to live with less. Have a seat ... and enjoy!

Let's start with the most important part of any make up collection: the brushes. I use brushes for nearly the whole make up application. Here are my eye make up brushes which I use regularly (I actually own even more of them but these are the ones I found most useful for my purposes). The ones on the right have obviously not been cleaned. Sorry about that! :-)

These are my current face make up brushes:

I have depotted most of my eye shadows in order to get a better overview of the colours, but also because I found their cases to be too bulky. Before that I needed much more space for storing them. Now I use 4 deconstructed slim MAC palettes (originally sized for 15 eye shadows):

Light colours:

Brownish colours:

Browns (those didn't fit anymore into the browns palette shown above), Greens, Yellow, Black and Greys:

Lilacs and Orange:

These are my eye primers which I have currently in use.

Cream eye shadows, i.e. paint pots and shadow sticks:

Eye liners:

Khol liners:


My complexion products (the two products on the left are highlighters, in the middle you can see a depotted compact powder, then 2 BB creams, then a loose mineral powder, the other products are a bronzer and 4 concealers):

Powder blushes (most of them are depotted):

Cream Blushes:

I didn't take pictures of my palettes and eye pigments (yes, I own even more eye shadows) and of my lip products. My eyebrow products are not included either. Maybe in another post. :-)


  1. Deine Pinsel..unglaublich toll*neidischist* hab dich bei Glamour entdeckt und bin offiziell dein erster Leser. Ich lese gern mal paar Blogs auf Englisch um in Übung zu bleiben was die Sprache betrifft*g*

    1. Danke! :-) Schön dass Dir mein Blog gefällt. :-))